Jan 042013

Great post from Annie Fox’s blog.

We haven’t ‘talked’ about bullying here for a bit  – but when I found this post it was too good to pass up.

I left her a long comment (probably TOO long) but what I like about this post is that it starts to shift responsibility for solving the problem.  I have long been concerned that many of the actions we ask bullying victims to take (tell an adult, walk with friends, stand your ground, ignore them, etc) sets these kids up for additional injury.  After all, aren’t kids sometimes targeted precisely BECAUSE they don’t have an adequate support system?

Anyway… “Brava, Annie Fox.”

My child? A bully?!! Part 1.

  2 Responses to “My child? A bully?!! Part 1”

  1. It is a really excellent post, I agree, and you are correct we do set children up for failure. We tell them to tell an adult, and then admonish them for “tattling”. As such they are rejected by peers and the very people who should be helping them. How can we most effectively empower children and teach empathatic, appropriate behavior THAT truly is the question.
    As always great find!

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