Nov 012013
ashtray outmodel

(ashtray outmodel Photo credit: zachstern)


Did you take part in the  Great American Smokeout last November 17th?  How did you do?  Getting ready to give it another go in the New Year?  Good for you.

Although I rarely even think about it any more I spent years making a plan and quitting cigarettes on that special day in November… and again as a New Year’s resolution.  I can’t honestly tell you what “clicked” and enabled me to stop but I’m grateful.

Tobacco use is responsible for about one in five US deaths each year yet more than 45 million of us still smoke cigarettes.  The good news, according to The American Cancer Society, is more than half of these smokers have tried to quit for at least one day in the past year. As with any important life change both “wanting to” and “making attempts” are important steps!

Quitting is hard, but, as with any new behavior,  you can increase your chances of success with help.


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