May 262014


If we want a concept or a skill to become easy and natural for our kids, the manner in which we introduce it matters.  And, since it seems that children believe what we do much, much more than what we say we may be well advised to look for ways to improve our own skills and connect with our offspring at the same time.

Do you want to emphasize the importance of lifelong learning?  Lots of families do homework at the same big table: parents catching up on business reading while kids work on math and social studies projects.   “Regular exercise” gets more than lip service in a family ‘walk and talk‘ after dinner.

Every day of our adult lives we make countless small but important decisions about what we eat and what we spend, yet few adults remember any formal learning in those important areas.  You might want to become more conscious about sharing that process with your kids.  What would it be like to get your brood involved with meal planning and grocery shopping?  Maybe you can harness their tech skills and send the kids surfing for coupons or recipes.

It’s impossible to overestimate the impact of childhood lessons (and especially the power of parental example) have later in life.  Improving skills while having fun?  That’s a “win” in anybody’s book.


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 May 26, 2014

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