Jun 012011

The story of Andrew Benson Greene, Dreams for Kids, Keisha Luce, Kirk Torregrossa and the children of Sierra Leone’s amputees continues to move forward and take some of us along for the ride.  (see my last post for details.)

About a week ago, I posted an article with a crazy request….  a short, 48-hour window in which to raise the balance of the funds Andrew needs to attend a peace and conflict resolution program at Brandeis in the fall.

Here’s the update.  A number of people responded quickly… and through their generosity we have a small scholarship fund at Dreams for Kids.  We have raised enough to cover the deposit and the Student Visa fee.

What remains is the big ticket item — round trip airfare from Sierra Leone to Boston.  I’ve started shopping around and have asked for help from an expert in the use of Frequent Flier miles.  So, with a slightly longer deadline we are now working on a combination of “deals” on international airfare and some way we may be able to use reward miles.  I’ll keep you updated here or on my Facebook page.

Their story captivates me.  It is an extraordinary example of extracting the best from extreme human suffering…. of love, generosity and hard work overcoming enormous difficulty.  It’s a “Four Foundations in action” story.

In the meanwhile, if you’d like to contribute to Andrew’s travel fund, please visit Dreams for Kids.  To make sure that your donation is earmarked for this project, contributions should be made to the “general” fund and followed with an e-mail to shellyg@dreamsforkids.org


Andrew and the children of Sierra Leone amputees

May 272010

Some time ago I wrote this post about artist Kaziah Hancock and Project Compassion.

I had seen a news report and was touched by the compassion as she reached out to the parents and spouses of fallen soldiers, providing them with gallery quality portraits of a lost loved one.

In the course of checking for updates, I discovered that Project Compassion has grown to include 5 artists — each completing a minimum of one of these exquisite memorial portraits each week.

There is also a new film documenting this loving work. To quote the filmmakers’ site “proof that one person can make a difference.”

I believe that you will find Kaziah’s contribution to these families deeply moving and especially appropriate as we head toward Memorial Day.

Apr 182010

Here’s a great new ‘find.’  


According the “about” section of her blog Mary Lea is “raising children with a heart full of art. I’m a crafty mama and homebody with too many ideas and not enough hours in the day. I was an elementary art teacher, and now I’m home crafting with my two little girls: The Frog Princess (7) and Mini-Saurus (3). “We must become the change we want to see in the world” – Gandhi … Bring a smock!”

Not only is her blog beautiful to look at, it’s loaded with great projects to do with your kids or grandkids.