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Calf Roping

(Calf Roping. Photo credit: Frank Kehren)


Looking for a quick-n-easy review of all four foundations?  Try these popular posts:


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They may give you a different lens for looking at day-to-day decisions… and remind you that you’re doing a lot of things really well.


Nov 292012
English: A shanty town in Soweto, South Africa.

(A shanty town in Soweto, South Africa. Photo credit: Wikipedia)


According to published reports Suja Thomas and Scott Bahr can afford a high-ticket lifestyle. When I first read about the couple both were employed by the University of Illinois: yet the law professor and the controls programmer reportedly wearing socks with holes and not exchanging Christmas gifts.

Although unusual in our culture their idea is simple:  consume less in order to give more.

Married since 2008, the couple met on a mission trip in South Africa where little kids were asking them for bottled water.  It changed their perspective.

According to the mission statement on their blog The Give Blog: Conscious Living and Giving.  “In our lives, we have been looking for the next thing to make us happy — a new bike, a new shirt, going to the movies, going out to eat, cable, or the next vacation.We have discovered that we obtain the most fulfillment in our lives, from looking beyond these daily cravings to what our money can do for people who are in need.”

It’s not usually what comes to mind when I think about ‘discipline’ and ‘giving’ perhaps it should be!



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Oct 052012

This video’s a lot longer than my usual Friday video shares… and not my usual goofy, silly stuff.  Just a very heart-warming animal rescue story.  Have a great weekend.



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