Oct 052012

This video’s a lot longer than my usual Friday video shares… and not my usual goofy, silly stuff.  Just a very heart-warming animal rescue story.  Have a great weekend.



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May 032010

I think that ALL Moms make a difference. And no matter what our skill level we can always get better at what we do.

Earlier today I was chatting online with a young friend in another country. She was sharing something her Mom had said that had hurt her feelings, but she closed her e-mail by saying “I know how much my Mom loves me so when she says things like that I just smile and stay silent.” Wow.

As far as Mother’s Day goes, I’ve collected a bunch of interesting sites and articles that I’ll share with you this week. Some are serious and some are fun.

First, please go back and read my last post — A Promise to His Mom — about my friend Tom Tuohy, his organization (Dreams for Kids) and their hope to address the needs of homeless kids in this country.

The first is a site that features celebrity mothers who use their status to help others.

The second is a site created by a not-so-famous Mom named Beth. Beth has combined her background in juvenile justice with her status as a student and a Mom to create a really thoughtful, comprehensive site about bullying. She incorporates her thoughts and experience with those of others and has developed a really good list of resources.

Feeling overwhelmed? Like you can’t make a difference? I get there….

“Between the great things we cannot do and the small things we will not do, lies the danger that we shall do nothing.” – Adolph Monod (1802-1856) Reformed pastor and theologian.

Visiting any of those sites and adding your voice — in the form of a comment or an e-mail– helps let people know that you think they’re on the right track. Trust me — that support is a small thing that can mean a lot!

Apr 212010

Sorry, I’ve been a little AWOL. Other kinds of work have intervened.

In-laws or Outlaws?…Big Ideas for Keeping a Little Peace in the Family is the name of a conference presentation I just recorded.

My focus was on taking a long view and making a plan to work WITH your spouse to make decisions that enhance ALL of your family relationships. Of course I talked about starting with yourself first (when you want to make changes become a good role model and know your limitations) but “selfish v. elfish” and “me first v. we first” surprised even me! (Examples of some approaches to thinking differently and minimize arguments.)

I’m one of ten presenters in these new Marriage and Family Conferences online. Each month we address a different family-related topic. I think they’re a great (and inexpensive) way for people to get exposed to a variety of points of view and new information — from the comfort of your own computer!

Conference founder Shirley Cress Dudley, a licensed professional counselor who specializes in working with blended families, is offering an early-bird discount. Those who register by Friday will get $10 off of the $39 conference price. (In the interest of full disclosure, if you sign up using this link I receive a portion of the registration fee.)

Click here for more info — or to sign up.