Aug 272014

Think about the last frustrating interaction you had with another adult.  Can you think of a time you were expecting an adult interaction but instead ran into something like a tantrum?

Actually, forget about ‘another’ adult:  how do you feel about yourself when you miss a deadline, mouth a flimsy excuse for sub-par behavior or otherwise abandon your best self?  When you act or think like a brat?


English: Jogging with dog at Carcavelos Beach ...

English: Jogging with dog at Carcavelos Beach Português: Fazendo jogging com o cão na Praia de Carcavelos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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For many of us, even though the calendar says we’re grown up, there are times that we’re just brats.  We want what we want when we want it.  We whine and point fingers instead of taking responsibility.  Kids throw tantrums;  “adults” complain.

Think about how many personal problems are escalate when we:

  • want something for nothing
  • deny consequences of our actions
  • refuse to be accountable

I’ve struggled with diet and exercise for… well just about as long as I can remember.  After being a  “yo yo-er” for years, I learned to prioritize the right fuel for my health.  But time and again, I get to a comfortable balance with food and exercise and then… that ‘something for nothing’ mentality creeps back in: I can take ‘just one’ workout off, can’t I?  Next comes the ‘need’ to relieve some stress with a little bit of chocolate, right?  And, of course I don’t bother to ‘tell on myself” (especially to myself) the first time I do any of this.  I’m a brat.  I want what I want when I want it.

That’s probably why I care so much about helping parents provide their kids with a strong foundation… to help express the unconditional love we have for our kids through instilling basic, practical life skills and attitudes.

After all, isn’t knowing the ‘cost’ of a choice part of making an informed decision?

I’m off to get dressed for exercise class now.

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