May 242010

David Crawford is new to me… but I love his stuff.

I may be late to the party, but I just found this one — called “Spoiled Bumblebee” — on YouTube.

Even if we’re committed to raising future adults, parenting on a budget and taking our little guys to the mall is not always a walk in the park!

(Maybe that’s what we should do instead?? Walking in the park???  And leave them there????)

  One Response to “Trip to Mall is No Walk in Park!”

  1. That is hilarious! Although I can’t help but noticing the enormous amount of toys behind him as he sings the song!
    Either way, it is absolutely true and there is a FANTASIC documentary called Consuming Kids that every parent should watch! It is an insightful look at the influence of media, and advertisement on our children and ourselves.
    It can be seen here Enjoy!

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