49 Classic Clips: Parenting Articles


People have sent me lots of links to articles about the importance of giving our kids a strong start —  as well as some of the consequences of not doing so.

The Four Foundations (a good work ethic, discipline, the ability to persevere  to overcome adversity and giving to others) set the stage for adult success.  But turning a blind eye to life skills?  Even denying that our kids are going to grow up and live independently?  Not helping them prepare for life on life’s terms?   That’s just not necessary…  and it’s unfair.

Here’s a collection of parenting articles, many of which I’ve used to spark discussion in classrooms I’ve visited and seminars I’ve conducted…  and they generate both light and heat!  You’ll also notice some of the articles are quite old… but  so are the debates!

May they bring you perspective and a smile.


English: An infant at first month

English: An infant at first month (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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