Parenting Skills & Attitudes


Grandparents – including those who are parenting their grandkids – should visit the AARP website for resources and information
All Pro Dad is a site devoted to men who want to be better fathers

A site for noble women who care for their husband’s children. Cafe Stepmom Parenting website with lots of good articles about the challenges and opportunities facing kids at various stages of development

Karen Maezen Miller is a mother, writer and Zen Buddhist priest who writes about all of that and more

The National Parenting Center offers articles, “Seal of Approval” reports for products and services and more

On The Ball Parent Coach Keyuri Joshi writes a blog that is full of warmth, support and common sense. Her particular specialty is teaching kids emotional intelligence

Need to laugh, confess or blow off steam? Check out the Scary Mommy blog and her “honest take on motherhood: the good, the bad and the scary.”

I enjoy what I’ve read from Sandra, The Soulful Parent, as well. She’s kind, compassionate and practical

Dori DeCarlo hosts a weekly BlogTalkRadio show called Word of Mom featuring MOMpreneurs from many walks of life!

Need to lighten up a little? Visit The Family Fun Shop for quotes, games, holiday history, activities and stories galore.

I love this site.  What is overindulgence and what does it do to our kids?  You may be surprised.

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