What Kids Need to Succeed


Can you see what’s wrong with this picture?

child as crossing guard

You’re not raising kids — you’re raising future adults.

That’s right: there’s a child where an adult should be. And that’s the point.

Most of us speak in terms of ‘raising children,’ but there’s a simple shift of focus that can help parents get through the tough stuff: we’re raising future adults.

Interviewing numerous successful adults in search of common themes, we studied their life stories and compared them to biographies of other well-known high-achievers. A pattern emerged. Successful adults share a common background, something we call the Four Foundations of Adult Achievement.

The parenting book, What Kids Need to Succeed, illustrates these principles through inspiring stories to help parents think about preparing their own children for a brighter future. You lay the groundwork, your children start to develop attitudes and habits shared by successful adults.

What are the Four Foundations? We thought you’d never ask:

  1. Refuse to Lose
  2. Work Hard
  3. Develop Discipline
  4. Give Back

Other parenting books seem to have pushed aside values, ethics, and habits in favor of giving your children self-esteem. Unfortunately you can’t give self-esteem to anyone: THEY have to develop it. It’s our job to help our children to do that and The Four Foundations set the stage for growing confident, competent adults.

There’s a lot of parenting help and advice available. And it’s loaded with contradictions. The Four Foundations can help you sift through it and make a plan that reflects your family’s values. And we’ll show you how to avoid the “deadly sins” of parenting:

  1. Treating your child as an equal
  2. Overindulging – especially the “wants”
  3. Forgetting to teach them about consequences, or
  4. Simply not taking action when you should

The good news is: it’s NOT too late to start teaching the Four Foundations.   The sooner the better.

It doesn’t matter if you have 1 child or 12, whether they call you “Mom,” “Dad,” “Nana,” or “Papa.” Foster parent, grandparent, daycare provider, coach or teacher: if you’re entrusted with raising future adults  you can start today. We’ll show you how to instill the simple – (not ‘easy’) – ideas which will help set your children apart as they grow.

Buy the book one reviewer calls “one of the most extraordinary parenting books of the past few years.” Short, easy-to-read chapters make What Kids Need to Succeed the “go-to” parenting book for busy parents looking for a quick shot of inspiration!

Read it today – it might just give your child the advantage you’ve been looking for. (It also makes a great baby shower gift!)

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