Work & Financial Literacy

Junior Achievement is where the business community, educators and volunteers all work together to inspire young people. – Have more fun, spend less money

Groove Job is a site for finding part-time, hourly, seasonal and student jobs.

Prosperity 4 Kids This “Money Mama” helps you teach your kids about managing money. Don’t think they’re too young because they’re not!

Fiverr – The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5

The Job Shadow Project begins on Groundhog Day, continues all year long, and involves students “shadowing” a job to learn more about the work world.

Job Star helps students decide what type of resume is right for you and offers examples and templates.

Good article about helping resume writers identify and focus on their skills and strengths on 

BARTERING is an often-overlooked money-saver. Here are some sites that may be helpful to you. Check out:

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