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A book for parents who want to raise good grown-ups

You love your kids.

You want to see them grow into prosperous, self-reliant, fulfilled adults who reach their goals and give to others.

You probably even have a mental picture of what you don’t want them to become. But what separates high-achieving adults from those who fail?

It’s not all genetics, talent or luck.  It’s not something found in most parenting books. It’s something that every parent (or grandparent or foster parent or coach or teacher or mentor) can give:  the Four Foundations.

In What Kids Need to Succeed: Four Foundations of Adults Achievement you’ll see that high-achievers share a common childhood experience:  the four critical life lessons passed on to them during their early years.  It’s a parenting book that starts the way so many good goal-setters do: with the end in mind.  It’s easy for busy parents to forget they won’t be with us forever….

What Kids Need to Succeed: Four Foundations of Adult Achievement helps parents stay focused… to remember we’re not raising children…. we’re raising future adults.


Authors Harry S. Patten & Andrea Patten

Harry developed the direct sales skills that are the foundation for his business by selling Kirby vacuum cleaners door to door.  Since 1962, this self-made millionaire has become the foremost buyer and seller of rural and recreational land in America.  He is a father, grandfather and a 2011 Horatio Alger Association honoree.

Andrea has spent most of her adult life working in human services.  Prior to becoming a therapist, she worked in the family land business.  Those entrepreneurial roots were reflected in her niche: the development  of cross-disciplinary teams to implement new programming for under-served clients.

Andrea cares deeply about relieving the impact of drug use and violence on families and feels fortunate to have had  her work ethic, sharp assessment and creative problem-solving skills stretched to bring innovation such as bilingual programming, family treatment and networking for comprehensive client care in substance abuse treatmentchild protection, community-based and domestic violence settings.

Andrea and her co-author father have always shared an interest in helping people (and projects)  develop to their fullest potential.  Andrea continues to work with organizations and teams to create custom programs, and workshops to meet their unique needs.

For more information about Andrea’s other publications and training materials visit andreapatten.com

father daughter pic

Dad and me in our Kirby days.