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My inner critic

My inner critic (Photo credit: Sultry/sulky/silly)


“Andrea speaks to one of the fundamentals of self-discovery and self-healing in a voice that feels like she is sitting next to you…wise words, a few smiles, and an authentic presence to keep you moving toward your own AHA!” ~ Nancy Korzyniewski


Thanks, Nancy. And if you haven’t yet had an “aha” with your own #innercritic? Check out The Inner Critic Advantage: Making Peace With the Noise in Your Head now on Amazon.

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Jun 262014



alcoholic clown

alcoholic clown (Photo credit: Nach0 Navarro)


“I found the course useful and engaging.  Despite having courses that covered similar issues in college I was able to pick up new information.  I found the development of relationships activity helpful in knowing, or at least being aware of where patient/staff conversations should stop to avoid crossing boundaries.”

“I liked the idea that it is OK (and professionally appropriate) to wear only one “hat” at a time.  I can allow people to stop expecting me to be a…. therapist, analyst, educator, transporter, religious guru, magician…..”


Staff comments from addiction treatment counselor training series presented at residential treatment  facility for women

Thanks!  I thought you were a pretty wonderful group.

Jun 122014


What Kids Need to Succeed lends itself to workshops for both parents and teens.

What Kids Need to Succeed lends itself to workshops for both parents and teens.


#TBT “Thank you for your presentation to our school community.  I have received many positive comments from teachers about your message.  As I visit classrooms I see the book on their desks and often hear them sharing excerpts with their students.  The Four Foundations of Adult Achievement are true for all age groups at whatever stage of life we find ourselves.”

~  Margaret D. Bradsher, Principal, Person High School

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