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I like… I like…. I LOVE this tool!! WOW!!! You know what I REALLY like the best? I LOVE how your technique naturally pulls out what people need to have pulled out from them! It is such a subtle technique I don’t think the reader really notices. What is noticed is that that by the time you reach the end of this tool you feel like you could take on the world!! WHAT A GIFT!!! ~ Jennifer Liang


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“Andrea brings humor to her readers while she shares her knowledge and with gentle persuasion, subtle encouragement, and offering the “you can do this”  confidence guides the reader to builds the skills to tame that inner critic.”   ~  Linda D. Lucas

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You love your kids.  You want to see them grow into prosperous, self-reliant, fulfilled adults who reach their goals and give to others.  You probably also have a mental picture of what you don’t want them to become.

But what separates high-achieving adults from those who fail?

It’s not all genetics, talent or luck.  It’s something that every parent (or grandparent or foster parent or coach or teacher or mentor) can provide.  It’s the Four Foundations.

In What Kids Need to Succeed: Four Foundations of Adult Achievement you’ll see that high achievers share a common childhood experience:  four critical life lessons were passed on to them in their early years.

After all, you’re not raising a child…. you’re raising a future adult.  Thanks for joining us.  Please share your thoughts about raising good grown-ups.

This book was chosen as the book of the month by the Direct Selling Women’s Association.

What Kids Need to Succeed: Four Foundations of Adult Achievement has been published in Korea, Russia and Nigeria.

Andrea has also created a Parenting Toolkit with samples and discounts from other authors.