Mar 052013

English: Junior Achievement Logo


“Thank you for the OUTSTANDING oration you provided for our “Spirit of Achievement” celebration.

Your talk on the value and benefits of supporting Junior Achievement in the community and its connection to “What Kids Need to Succeed” was brilliantly crafted and extremely well received by our audience.

Public speaking is a gift, and the craft of putting this together with something that makes an impact and people wish to hear is unfortunately a rare commodity.  Your address, at the Spirit of Achievement Celebration, was truly one of those rare instances.  I have received so many positive comments on your speech and how it demonstrated your enthusiasm and belief in JA.

While we have been friends for several years, I truly had no idea that you had the presentation skills that could bring an audience to such an uproar.  Your speech was witty and honest, thought-provoking and enthusiastic and, all-in-all, I really loved it because everyone in the room could tell it came form your heart.

Thank you again, I hope to have you involved with JA for a long time to come and look forward to hearing you speak in the future.


Most sincerely,

Jacques K. deVillier

President,  Junior Achievement of W. Massachusetts