Nov 212012

About 46 million turkeys ended up on U.S. dinner tables last Thanksgiving.  According to the USDA, a typical American consumes more that 13 pounds of turkey a year.  More than 736 million pounds of that is served up for Thanksgiving.

Four small American towns share a name with our traditional main course:  Turkey Creek, LA, Turkey, TX, Turkey Creek, AZ and Turkey, NC.

US farmers grow more than 750 million pounds of cranberries, 2.4 billion pounds of sweet potatoes and over a billion pounds of pumpkins.

Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be the official US bird. (Can you blame him?)

Turkey Tom

(Turkey Tom Photo credit: Moosicorn)


“Is it okay to thaw my turkey in the bathtub while bathing my kids?”  If you want to read the 4 other stupidest questions people ask the Butterball Hotline, click here.


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