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“There is a real magic in enthusiasm.  It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale  


Have you ever noticed that enthusiastic people seem to enjoy life more than those who h0ld back?  It’s as if this trait makes colors brighter and experiences richer.  Maybe it really is the difference between mediocrity and excellence.

I suppose that makes sense; an early definition includes the phrase “having a god within.” Other definitions include words and phrases such as “a lively interest” or describes something that “absorbs or possesses the mind.”

Enthusiasm and passion seem to be natural in young children: running, jumping, yelling, laughing. In time that can change.  As we learn about “grown up behavior” we may skip a little less and sing a bit more quietly.  And when was the last time you didn’t want to fall asleep because you just didn’t want the day to end?

So if we learn to do a bit less running and jumping… and a good time doesn’t always result in grass-stains in the laundry, what does enthusiasm look like in grown-ups?  It may be quieter, but it may resemble habitual gratitude and chronic appreciation. Applause at the end of a performance?  Social media “likes” and “+”s?

How do you share enthusiasm with those around you?



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  8 Responses to “On Enthusiasm”

  1. Andrea–I love that definition of “having a god within”! It captures something that feels so true to me. When I feel enthusiasm for something the light is flowing and ignited within me. Thanks!

    • I like that image, Laurie. The “light is flowing.” Very good description of what enthusiasm can feel like.

  2. I get enthusiastic because I don’t take things for granted. I really can get excited about anything. Be it a meadow with flowers, someone buying me a cup of coffee, a beautiful day with blue sky and sunshine. And I get even more excited at potential and possibility. My iimagination goes positively wild!

    • Good slant, Nadia. Got me thinking about the relationship between “not taking things for granted,” “gratitude,” “expectations” and “entitlement.” All similar “shades of attitude” I think.

  3. Great post! It is so true ~ we need to bring our Inner Child out more and allow ourselves to be more enthusiastic and gleeful! The older I get, the more I allow this 🙂

    • …or maybe being really grown up means allowing ourselves more joy? Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate the feedback.

  4. I don’t hold back! 😉 Love the topic you chose to write about!

    • Thanks. Sometimes I equate “enthusiasm” with “energy.” Thank you for sharing yours.

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