Mar 122014
English: A Little League baseball player squar...

A Little League baseball player squares to bunt.      (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  •  “You have to learn the rules of the game.  And then you have to play better than anyone else.”  ~ Albert Einstein
  • “You are remembered for the rules you break.” ~ Gen. Douglas MacArthur
  • “You can’t break the rules until you know how to play the game.” ~ Rickie Lee Jones


Have you ever noticed that some kids really like a detailed and specific set of rules while others respond better to general guidelines?  How are “rules” approached in your home?

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Some things deserve a second look. While doing some routine site maintenance I came across some posts I believe fall into that category.  I hope you enjoy them.

The advantages of being a house dog in a home ...

(Dog in a home with two-year old twins Photo credit: EraPhernalia Vintage (playin’ hook-y ;o))



Jul 152012
Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden (Photo credit: iNkMan_)

Florence Nightingale Graham failed to finish high school and nurse’s training.  Her first attempt at selling beauty products also failed.  This was before she became Elizabeth Arden and started the company she sold in 1971 for $38 million.  (Today that initial sale of her beauty empire  would be valued at more than $210,000,000!)


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